ShengBTE and were originally developed at CEA Grenoble by

Wu Li

Jesús Carrete

Nebil A. Katcho

Natalio Mingo

The Quantum ESPRESSO backend code for was mainly developed by

Antti J. Karttunen

who also contributed the ESPRESSO test data for ShengBTE and helped enhance the support for second-order force constants generated with ESPRESSO.

Mr. Guangzhao Qin contributed a patch to provide more detailed output from ShengBTE and estimate the effect of boundary scattering.

Dr. Youdi Kuang implemented time reversal symmetry.

The following people are also acknowledged for their contributions in the form of insightful comments, beta testing and computing time:

    • Prof. David Broido

    • Prof. Stefano Curtarolo

    • Prof. Philippe Jund

    • Dr. Lucas Lindsay

    • Prof. Francesco Mauri

    • Kinga Niedziółka

    • Dr. Derek A. Stewart

    • Dr. Natalie Vast